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Welcome to Marisa Explains It All!

A place to infodump so other people don't have to listen to me do it in person!

Yo dawg, I heard you like special interests...

This website originates from sort of a joke when I was a kid. I was always "the smart kid" in class--every class I was in, everywhere I went--and was a show-off because, who'd have guessed, that kind of thing will lead a kid to build an identity around being a know-it-all, and people somehow didn't think this was a terrible idea at the time!

It was the 90s.

Which also meant that Clarissa Explains It All was on television. Her name was similar to mine and she was played by an actress name Melissa, which feels like a cool thing when you're a kid, I guess? I also rocked having bangs at the time, so people thought I looked like Mara Wilson and I got called Matilda too. Don't worry, I loved it.

Then I grew up.

The Self-Esteem Movement ended and people stopped calling people my age special and started calling us incompetent narcissists. Turns out that when an entire culture of how a society raises children is centered for decades around telling them they're special and are wonderful just the way they are, they believe it. Whodathunk?!

Anyway, my infodumping went from being called "precocious" and "charming" to "condescending" and "awkward". The undiagnosed autism probably added to that.

Which brings us to this site. This'll be a personal space where I can just blather on about whatever and have it be okay. Don't want to read it? Read some of it and think, "what a loser"? Feel free to spend your time on something else and navigate away from this site! Think it's kinda cute or charming? Did you find something on here interesting? You're awesome, let's hang out! Or drop a line in the guestbook, at least! 😁

Good job finding my annoying MIDI player! Feel free to turn it off, I just wanted to make you listen to it until you did.